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Results oriented web design and internet marketing

We're small business owners too.

We know the importance of the bottom line.

We've got a real dollars-and-cents mentality.

Everything we do is designed to help you get the sale. Close the deal. Ink the contract.

Yes, we know its all about the money.

We don't measure results

in clicks. Or likes. Or posts,

pins, tweets or visits.

It's hard to pay the bills with any of them.

Clear, concise website development, effective SEO, precise PPC advertising, integrated e-commerce and content-rich social media marketing are all a means

to an end: 

- Increased sales.

- Greater market share.

- Higher profit margins.

- Stronger customer loyalty.

At Craftsman Marketing we take the extra step to assure what we do is trackable, accountable and worth the investment.

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